Looking for advice in Vancouver, Washington

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Hi all,

I am looking at buying small multi units in Vancouver, Washington and was hoping for some general advice on areas to stay away from. Thanks!


Hi @Scott Bowles , Vancouver is a great market!  To make sure I answer the question the best way I am curious on what size of properties?  4 Unit and less or small aparments complexes, etc...  Also, what cap rate are you targeting?  Like any other market you will find higher cap rates in areas that appear to be less desirable.  Overall I feel all areas are decent but I would stay away from areas that are building a ton of new apartment complexes.  If you are looking for 1-4 unit complexes, I would stay away from areas where everything in the area is 1-4 unit buildings.  I hope this makes sense or you can gleam value from it.  Feel free to ask me any additional pointed questions.

@Uwe G. Thanks for responding! I would like a balance between the lowest and highest cap rates available. So there isn't one area of town that is higher crime etc then others its more of a neighborhood by neighborhood type analysis?