SFR in Vancouver Wa going to auction on 12/20 - worth bidding on?

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I found that there is a 5 bedroom home in Vancouver WA at 18622 SE 14th Circle going to the auction next Friday and wondering if it would be worthwhile to do a drive down there to bid. Is there much action/competition at their auctions in Vancouver?

I have not been to any of the local auctions yet, but I hear (from a contractor I trust) there are usually 20-30 attendees, and a group of about 5 regulars that tend to buy 90% of the auctions.  I plan on attending 12/20 and observing, have not done any research of the items up for bid.  If you see me, feel free to say "Hi".  Good luck on your bidding if you come down. 

@Brint DeVilling I actually spaced on it and did not attend.  There is a Clark County auction coming up in Feb with some interesting lots in Washougal.  My Wife and I checked out the 30+ townhomes and a 2/1 unit which could possibly be converted to a 3/2, but we don't trust our skill level yet to make any offers so will be attending / observing.