WA Education in Property Management

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Hey fellow BPers!

I wanted to see if there are recommendations for online property management classes that are specific to WA state?

My wife and I are about to close on our first house hack in Tacoma. We expect to rent the bottom MIL suite which is an attached ADU within a month or two depending on some repairs. We would like to get better educated on the property management laws in our area even though we have read almost all of the tenant-landlord laws. The classes would need to be online because we are both super busy and will use the evenings to do the classes. We are willing to put the work into the research and learning but hate to waste our money on classes that are inefficient. Basically we want the best bang for the buck.

If anyone knows what local PM do for education would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance!

@Michael Stout My wife and I joined the Wa LL Association and got a lot of help from them; although we had already LL'ed in California as well. They offer leases and forms and background checks. The people in the office will guide you through all the steps. The monthly meetings have been great networking and good speakers. We attend the Olympia meetings. The Association has helped us become very confident LL's. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

@Michael Stout : While looking into Bjorn's suggestion, I recommend looking into RHAWA as well. I have more experience with RHAWA and know they offer a lot of educational courses, lease templates, and other documents.

They also host events with keynote speakers for legislative updates, etc.