RE/Partnership Attorney in Wisconsin

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Hi all,

Anyone have a good real estate lawyer, preferably in Milwaukee, that they would recommend?

I'm basically looking to have a JV Partnership agreement drafted to make a residential rental purchase with a partner. We're looking to keep it simple, hopefully this person already has a JV Partnership template they could just edit with our terms to keep costs low.

Thanks in advance!

I will email you a few contacts ASAP

Mehran I sent over the name of the Milwaukee RE attorney I've used.


I messaged you a referral. Sorry that he's in Madison but still might be worth your time contacting.

Thanks everyone who sent me PM's, I appreciate it!

Could someone share some good RE/Partnership attorney contacts with me as well? Looking to start talking to someone in near future.

I used attorney Michael Plum in Milwaukee. You can google him and he's great. You can let him know I sent you if you end up working with him. I don't get any referral fees, just brownie points! :)

Thanks for the recommendations!

I was referred to Michael Plum from Mehran and also had good results with him.

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