Inspection question in Wisconsin

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Hello, A co-worker is purchasing a SFR in her hometown of Potosi, WI in preparation for retiring from the military. She was wondering what inspections would be recommended beyond the general. Is there anything in that area that are generally a concern? such as a dye test, radon, or lead?

Any foundation problems? Home was built in the 1950's

Can anyone recommend a home inspector also?

 thank you for your help.

Keyword: Dubuque, Iowa

In my opinion a well and septic and general home inspection, radon is advisable, but you should do they every 3 years any way, almost no one does, a mitigation system cost about $800 to have installed, about $250 in material if you DIY it, definitely the septic if it's not in the state program, many old tanks were steel and not in the data base, if you do a well test, it triggers a water test, per DNR Rule, also advisable.