Investing in Racine/Kenosha

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Thanks for the contacts @Rebecca Holmes!

Originally posted by @Rocky Jones :

Does anyone have a good referral for a Property Management company that services Racine, WI?

 I use Landquest realty.  I think they are good but I'm interested in knowing what others think.  If you talk to them make sure to mention my name.  

I recently purchased 6  four units MF properties in Racine.  Demand has been really intense and I find it hard to close on other properties, especially at the 2 unit level.  I'm still trying to buy more.  Does anyone have a general contractor they would recommend for rehabbing units in a B class area?  

I am planning to invest in rental property in Kenosha/ Racine ..any areas that I shoud avoid?  I am new to this business and appreciate any advice

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