Real estate Job Opportunities???

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I will be graduation from college in December and will be looking for a full time job.  Wondering if anyone knows of any companies that are looking to hire.  I will have a degree in Manufacturing Technology Management, but any entry level management position would be great for me as it will be using my degree.

The two things I keep reading on here are have a w-2 job and get a job in a RE related field.  I would like to do that but need some help!


There are over 5 million job openings in the US so you should be able to find a couple in your neighborhood! Just kidding, I know that doesn't help in the slightest :) 

In all seriousness, what you have read on here is the best way to go. If real estate is your goal then BP might just be your best shot at getting a job. Check out my profile and shoot me a PM if you want to talk more about what you're looking for. Aside from real estate I work with a ton of grads to find work. 

Hi @Jared Baker . Ive been with four brokerages and Exp Realty offers the best teck while providing the best balance of training and splits. Thats one way into RE as a Realtor while analyzing your own deals... my strategy :) 

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