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Green Bay, WI - Advice on off-loading an inherited property
Hi BiggerPockets! My family has inherited property just north of Green Bay. We are not interested in renting out the property as out of state landlords, plus the property needs a renovation which we do not want to... View more
New to Milwaukee - advice appreciated!
Hi everyone, I'm out of state and I'm looking to connect with an investor friendly agent (that has worked with out of state investors before) that can help me look at properties and also give me good insight on... View more
Is flippingI in the green Bay Area a good idea?
Hello all, I am a licensed agent in Wisconsin, living in sturgeon Bay, I really want to start flipping /wholesaling in the door County / Green Bay Area. Anyone with experience that can I can get advice on how to begin?
Fox Valley WI Local Creative Financing
Hi All, I recently moved to the Fox Valley area and am looking for local lenders who are willing to work with investors and think outside the box on financing. I currently have found one through good ol internet... View more
REI clubs in western WI?
I have searched only to find a club in madison and milwaukee. I live in Lacrosse, anyone know of any active clubs close by? Thanks a bunch, Shawn
Looking for available plumber for Mishicot flip
We are trying to get a 3/2 SFR renovations completed on a home in Mishicot and need a plumber to do some pipe repairs. Nothin major, just need to get the home FNMAE compliant. Any recommendtions are appreciated. We... View more
Starting A REIA In Western Wisconsin
Greetings-We have recently moved back to Western Wisconsin after living in Boulder, CO for 6 years. There is no REIA in the area here and I know there are many investors throughout the area with 3 universities in the... View more
Wisconsin Mastermind/REIA Meetups
I am a real estate investor and agent in the Beaver Dam/Fox Lake WI area and I am looking to get together with a group of other investors to talk more about real estate. Does anyone know of any Masterminds or REIA... View more
Non-renewing a Lease
I have a tenant who's 1-year lease ends on 10/31 and then goes month to month.  I do not plan on renewing them but want to make sure I am giving the proper notice.  The forms I have are nonrenewal of month-to-month... View more
best month to have rental open for rent
What is your opinion on the best month to have a rental come available?  Is it easiest to have a rental least finish in the spring say April/May, to make it the easiest to find new tenants or the fall or what's... View more
Tax Strategy Advisor Recommendation
Hello BP & other Wisconsinites/Madisonians, I've tried a few different CPA's for tax prep the past few years and haven't been thrilled with their RE knowledge, but am now looking for a qualified tax strategist.... View more
Looking for lender to refinance rentals
I live in Atlanta but want to refinance some rentals I have in Milwaukee. Does anyone have a lender they can recommend? Anyone know the costs and rates on a refinance?
Investor Minded Real Estate Agent
Hi All, We are looking for an investor minded real estate agent, preferably one that invests themselves in the Greenbay/ NE Wisconsin region. Thanks for the Help!
Duplexes in Milwaukee
Lured by BP podcasts and the writings of various BP members who shall remain nameless I have made the trip to Milwaukee in search of real estate - I have found one duplex near W. Vliet and N. 38th St. - I am set to... View more
Online Rent Collection
With the Corona Virus pandemic going around I'm curious how many of you collect rent via online methods.  I am a relatively small owner of a 4 unit & a 2 unit that I manage myself so I don't have the scale to build... View more
A/C Service needed in Beloit, recommendations?
I’m having trouble with an AC unit in Beloit that needs to be looked at. The companies contacted so far are either booked out 3-4 weeks or not taking on new appts. Anybody got a good contact to get in touch with!? Much... View more
Jefferson County Contractor Referrals
Hey fellow investors! I'm looking to transition my investing into Jefferson county (Ft. Atkinson, Watertown, Johnson Creek, Oconomowoc area.) and I am looking to connect with anyone that has any connections to... View more
Searching for a CPA in WI
Hey guys! I’m trying to reach out and see if I can get a referral to a good CPA who either invests in real estate themselves, or works with a lot of real estate investors. Anyone in Southern, WI stick out!?  Thanks! 
Declining an Applicant
When declining an applicant who does not meet your credit score requirements or has issues on there credit that raise red flags do you have to send them special notification or would a standard phone call letting them... View more
Market Update - Dane County
Figuring out market movements aren't easy in normal times. So how can we make sense of things during COVID-19? The best course that I have found is to get back to basics. In this case, that means following supply and... View more
LF Contractor/Company To Rebuild Chimey
I'm looking for recommendations on a company/contractor to rebuild a crumbling chimney on 1900s farmhouse in Janesville, Rock County.  Looking to get done ASAP, I'm done waiting for the contractor I had lined up. 
ISO Property Manager Sheboygan WI
I am adding 2 properties (3 unit and an sfr) to my portfolio, in a new market for me and am seeking a PM, I have called and emailed several, no one gets back to me, except a guy that no longer manages for others,... View more

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