Change for Trash Pick up in City of Cudahy

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I just heard that starting in 2019, the City of Cudahy is going to require all property owners with a property that has 4 units or more to pay for private trash and recycling pick up. Currently, trash pickup is done by the City and charged through taxes. Does anyone out there pay of private pick up in the City of Cudahy? It looks as though I am going to go from paying $250 a year to well above $2500 for the private pickup. This doesn't even address how people are going to fit two dumpsters on a city lot.


The cost will probably depend on the size of your units, i do not invest there or have any units that require commercial pick up, but in PA, where i have property, we pay for our garbage pickup separate for any property. I would then shop around for different hauling companies to get the cheapest price you can and i would check into if you need dumpsters or not, you may have to pay your own hauler but may still be able to put it in garbage cans. one thing you should look into though, if you now have to pay separate for garbage removal, make sure you get either reduced taxes or some kind of credit back every year from the town for the change. i know the town that i live in does that with commercial properties.