Fond Du Lac Investors

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Good evening everybody!

Is anybody on here from the Fond Du Lac area, or know of investors/groups in the area?  Closest REIAs I can find are Milwaukee and Appleton, wondering if any groups are closer, or if anybody would be interested in joining a group or doing a Fond Du Lac meetup.  Thanks!


I've never said I was starting a REIA, I was contemplating the idea of getting together with other investing friends monthly to just chat about our deal flow/business. That's not to say it's a bad idea or won't ever happen.

@ OP, seems like a lot of guys go up the the Appleton REIA's (I think there's two? Maybe three?) unfortunately I don't think there's anything like it in Fond Du Lac. If you're in the area lets grab lunch, or perhaps I could grab a few more real estate friends and we can all go out for lunch. Let me know!

I believe there are 2 in the Appleton area. I'm a member of the Appleton REIA, but have only made it up once. I believe there is also WiscoREIA in/around Appleton.

We're looking heavily into the FDL market to invest, so with that said, even an unofficial group would be helpful and useful.


WiscoReia is in Appleton and they Have locations all over the state. I know they're looking to add a couple locations this year. If someone is interested in hosting an event you could reach out to them on their website.