Seeking Realtor in the Oshkosh Area

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My husband and I are seeking to connect with a real estate agent in or near Oshkosh WI. We grew up in the area and intend to begin investing long distance, purchasing duplexes and other small multi-family. Looking to purchase our first property this spring. We plan on a buy and hold strategy, with a local property manager to handle the day to day work. We don't have connections with any real estate agents in the area who are experienced in multi-family and are investors themselves.

If you are an investor with an agent to recommend, I would love the recommendation!  If you are an agent that can provide data about  your experience level with multi-family investments, and are an investor yourself, we would love to chat!  Thanks in advance!


Heidi Schwanke at Century 21 in Ripon is a great agent.  She's straightforward and honest.  She's been my realtor for 12 years, and I will never use anyone else.  She and her husband have a handful of rentals.  He runs 2nd Look inspections, and is very thorough and helpful when doing them.  I also use him for my inspections, and have had outside contractors affirm his thoroughness and explanations in his inspection reports.

Hopefully things work out well for you.


Chris Mokler out of the Oshkohs area is really good. He's very knowledgeable on rentals.  He's owned over a 100 units and I believe may be developing some of his own now too. He works with Keller Williams.