Wisconsin: Where to Obtain Real Estate License

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Good evening, 

I was wondering where is a good place to obtain a real estate education in the state of Wisconsin in the Milwaukee area so I can have access to looking for properties myself. I also want to do this so I have the chance to expose myself to that side of things. My goal is to flip one property with an exit strategy of turning it into a rental if it is on the market for too long. 

I also work a full-time job so I was thinking online would be the best option for me to obtain this education, but I am open to weekend and night schooling. With that said, dear Wisconsin, what is the most efficient way for me to do this? 

if you are looking to get licensed, start with wra.org this is the website for the Wisconsin Realtors Association,  I recommend you get licensed, practice part time, see if you can find a Broker or team with in a Brokerage that does work in the default side of things, best way to find them is look who is listing most of the foreclosures in your area and ask if you can help them and learn

I have heard great things about Premier Point Realty, specifically in the Milwaukee area. I have yet to get my license, so I can't vouch for them personally, but they are well known with the Milwaukee REIA group. Worth checking out at least.

My vote is for Jodi Graf at Premier Point. You can take the same course as WRA provides at a discount. Premier Point is an investor friendly brokerage. You do not do floor time and they have some of the lowest, if not the lowest, office fees.

I second Rebecca's recommendation! I got my license back in October and went with Premier Point Realty and could not be happier. Jodi has been amazing to work with, She is very knowledgeable, organized, and friendly. She helped guide me my first personal purchase with my license and showed me what to look out for. 

Also the wra.org course is what I did and it is very informative and you can complete at your own pace. Premier Point Realty had a new agent complete the course and get her license all in one week. 

WRA is the way to go for license.  Fairly inexpensive and a lot of bang for your buck.  Highly recommended.

You can obtain the WRA training through many brokers at a discount. This is the exact same training just the broker is acting as a reseller. I went through Premier Point myself to purchase the training and had a great experience. I went the online route and took the training right through the WRA website. 

If you shop around any of the big name brokers you may be able to find even bigger discounts, but be sure to ask if they require any sort of commitment from you in exchange for the discount. Some are more than happy to just sell the course, while others may want you to sign a commitment to join the brokerage.    

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