working with a property management company

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Hi!! I'm purchasing a fairly cheap duplex in the West Allis or Riverwest area and I'm considering working with a property management company. I'm not very handy and I work around 60 hours per week. Would it be better for me to work with a property management company or just hire someone as needed?

There are a ton of pros and cons to each side. If you work 60 hours/week can you pick up phone calls from a tenant and call handymen, price it out follow up with your tenant and then pay the handyman every time an issue comes up?

Also, if you hire a property management company, you need to vet them carefully and watch them very carefully for at least the first couple of months until trust is built. 

This decision is different for every property owner. My suggestion would be to talk through the pros and cons of each with a couple of people. If you want to chat about it on the phone, PM me.