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Does anyone have a referral to a General Contractor near Janesville, WI? I'm a Newbie looking to pull the trigger! I found a potential deal on the MLS that's only been up for 4 hours. The problem is i need to develop my team before i can move forward. I lack in the ability to determine comps and rehab costs which makes me skeptical about my analyzing. This has motivated me to work on developing connections at a rapid pace. Having to pass up a deal because i'm lacking the necessary team to seal the deal is a killer. So i'm coming to biggerpockets to ask for referrals for a GC and Real Estate Agent. This is just one more way for me to connect with people i might not get the chance to by asking around and networking in person! 

Hi Logan,

I hope you are still looking for info.  Been a little busy.  I don't have a referral for a GC but I do have know an awesome drywall guy that has dabbled in more general repairs for me as well.  Quality Rock out of Janesville.  As for a realtor, what kind of properties are you looking to buy? Are you just flipping them? I ask because it may determine whether I have a referral for you. 


Because of the time crunch you are in, I would recommend using a system like, home advisor, angie's list, etc.  You can narrow it down to your area and a lot of the GC on there have reviews and have been vetted.  

Hi Logan,

I am a Real Estate Agent new to BiggerPockets, and also interested in investment opportunities. I would love to be part of your team. I am out of the Shorewest Menomonee Falls office. I have the capacity and passion to help you build your empire!

Feel free to check out my profile online at
Robert McAllister

If you like what I offer, please shoot me a DM and let's get started!