Propert manager in Hattiesburg, MS

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Stay way from Best Realty.  We used them for a little while and a couple of key people left and they just did nothing.  They actually told us they put a sign in the yard and we drove by a few days later and there was nothing.  That was the last straw.

We've moved over to Hallman Property Management.  I can't say anything good or bad yet.  Just no experience.  We actually found our renter and just pay him the monthly fee to manage it for now.  I guess in a year, we'll know if they are truly any good.

Thanks Justin. We're about to start looking for a second property so this is very helpful. Our big concern is the management, finding tenants appears to be relatively easy as our property is close to USM but we need to get someone that can help manage especially as we add more properties. In the research I've done, Hallman appears to be professional and has a number of SFRs that are similar to what we have now. Thanks again for your help!

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