Any investors in Oxford, MS?

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Hi BP,

I'm visiting relatives in Oxford MS this Christmas and am interested in the RE environment in that area.  It's a College football town of around 25,000, (Ole Miss) and I was wondering if anyone on BP has looked into Oxford or has any property there.  Maybe someone in Memphis has some insight on this.  Student rentals, alumni vacation homes (for Ole miss games), developing land.  Anybody doing this or thinking about it in this area?

Thanks for sharing...

@Jeff Caravalho

My partner owns several rentals and an apartment in Oxford in and around the square.  Prices are high for homes.  They do rent their primary residence out about 3-4 times per year during football games on a weekend basis at about $3,300 per weekend. 

Rents are high and homes rent out fast from his experience.  Mostly college students even off campus. 

Good luck

Oxford is too expensive right now in my opinion.  We briefly looked at housing and professional commercial opportunities in Oxford and the bottom line is that inventory is low and prices are high.  It's definitely a seller's market. 

Hey guys, I been living in Oxford going on for 3 years now. It's a pretty cool little town and real estate is very interesting!

I'm currently a real estate agent with Remax and over the past few months noticed a lot of developers building the student housing and commercial property. Just recently have they started getting back into building condominiums.

Hotty Toddy !!

Just checking up on your progress in the Oxford area. Over the past few years I been linking up with a good bit of the large property owners in town.

Holler if I can help you or someone you know.

expanded to Jackson, Madison and Harrison county!

Any help on connecting with some real estate commercial scouts would be amazing too! I have a 44.000 sq ft. grocery store in Biloxi I’m trying to lease.

Hey Tony, I'm an investor in the Jackson area (outside the city of Jackson). I'll PM you my contact info. Let's get lunch one day when you in the area and see if we have any common ground.

I'd be interested in deals in the Oxford area though as many have stated it seems as though it's definitely a sellers market.  Ideally looking for football homes or would be open to constructing a few multi-family's.

I am an investor. Specifically, focused on the hidden market in the Oxford Area.  Feel free to connect with me and I will share any deals I bring in the future with you.  Thanks!

Is anyone still looking at Oxford? We live out of town, but LOVE Oxford and would love to partner up with someone to look into buying there. What is the market now? I feel like every time we go, you would get more and more ROI. Thoughts?

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