How to start a new REIA/meet up group in Tupelo, MS

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Hello all! I'm relatively new to Tupelo, MS and there are no investor meet ups here. I got my real estate agent license recently and am working with Crye-Leike Realty. I have discovered that being an agent makes it very easy to network very quickly. Now I'm thinking about going ahead and starting up a REIA or real estate Meet up group in Tupelo. I'm still very inexperienced with investing but I figure I can compensate for that by bring in guest speakers such as; real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, seasoned real estate agents, and other successful investors. Any and all advice would be appreciated. If there is already a thread about this, please direct me to it. Thank you very much!

Hi Nicholas,

I'm a real estate investor and broker/owner in Desoto County (Hernando/Southaven/Olive Branch areas). I'm not involved in a REIA here and Tupelo is a little too far but if I can help in any way let me know. I have contacts and don't mind lending a hand with any info that I have...

Come to our MemFlips South sub group of MIG. Meets the last Tuesday of each month 12 noon til 2:00 at Maria's on Airways in Southaven.  Mostly people working in Desoto County or South Memphis.  I look forward to meeting you

Nicholas, do a little snooping around the Lee County courthouse to see who has the most rental property, who buys and sells on a regular basis. That should help you find investors for a REIA. Also might be a good buyers list for properties you list

Did you ever get a group started in tupelo? I'm new To bigger pockets and just saw your post. I have a few friends who are interested also.

Nicholas, Barrett, and others from Tupelo, I'd like to meet up to get something started. How about lunch, Tuesday Nov 22 at KOK? We've got to start somewhere...

That sounds good to me, Tuesday 11-22-16 @ 12pm?

Yep, it's on my calendar. I'll see you at Kermit's noon Tuesday the 22nd. Please invite anyone else you know in town that would be interested. Thanks! 

Hello all, I am just getting started in real estate and bigger pockets and was going to see if anything came about from your meet up a few years ago.

Hey! I'd be willing to meet up and talk about REI. I am new to the bigger pockets community and interested in networking around the Tupelo/Oxford area.

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