How to start a new REIA/meet up group in Tupelo, MS

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Hello all! I'm relatively new to Tupelo, MS and there are no investor meet ups here. I got my real estate agent license recently and am working with Crye-Leike Realty. I have discovered that being an agent makes it very easy to network very quickly. Now I'm thinking about going ahead and starting up a REIA or real estate Meet up group in Tupelo. I'm still very inexperienced with investing but I figure I can compensate for that by bring in guest speakers such as; real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, seasoned real estate agents, and other successful investors. Any and all advice would be appreciated. If there is already a thread about this, please direct me to it. Thank you very much!

Hi Nicholas,

I'm a real estate investor and broker/owner in Desoto County (Hernando/Southaven/Olive Branch areas). I'm not involved in a REIA here and Tupelo is a little too far but if I can help in any way let me know. I have contacts and don't mind lending a hand with any info that I have...

Come to our MemFlips South sub group of MIG. Meets the last Tuesday of each month 12 noon til 2:00 at Maria's on Airways in Southaven.  Mostly people working in Desoto County or South Memphis.  I look forward to meeting you

Nicholas, do a little snooping around the Lee County courthouse to see who has the most rental property, who buys and sells on a regular basis. That should help you find investors for a REIA. Also might be a good buyers list for properties you list

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