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My name is Joseph and I have been a relatively passive BP member for a while. I just moved back to the Jackson area. I'm 23 years old entrepreneur and extremely interested in Real Estate Investing. 

I was hoping that I could connect to a few R.E. Investors in Mississippi and meet for coffee. I'm not looking for a significant amount of your time, only a 30 minute session to pick your brain and hear about your experiences in exchange for a cup of coffee. :)

A little about me: I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Finance and took a full-time position at Corporate Walmart in Bentonville, AR. I realized very quickly that If there is ever a time to make a leap and try to be an entrepreneur (my life long dream) it was now while I had no family responsibilities. Since leaving Walmart I have started an e-commerce business that I hope to run in tandem with REI.

Thanks for your time and I hope to meet some of you! 

Hi Joseph, 

I'm an investor in South Jackson. There is a local REI club that meets for lunch on Thursdays at Scrooges on Ridgewood Dr. in Jackson. I've not been to their meetings but I keep meaning to go.

warmest, Susan 

Hello Joseph

If you know a lot about e-commerce, then we can trade information. I do not call myself a guru about real estate, but I've done enough that may help you get started, and we can discuss what areas you may be looking into. I am half-way through our little SFH that should be ready by April, and we have hit some major snags that we've never hit before. So I can share all of that info.

I agree with starting now while you're young and do not have a family dependent on you. If I would have done back then what I am doing now, I would be SO much better off. So learn all you can (you'll never stop learning), find an area you like, find a mentor if possible, and jump in. My current investment is in Brandon. Let me know if you're ever traveling through there and you can stop by and see the work in progress.

Welcome to BP! 

I am a investor/broker in southwest Ms. Feel free to inbox me your contact info. Best of luck and talk to you soon. 

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