Vacancy Rate in Oxford MS

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Hi BP Members!

I'm looking to invest in Oxford, MS because the crime rate is low and the schools are great. My only concern is the vacancy rate that I see on neighborhood scout which is: 30%. This concerns me because I don't think anyone would want to own a property that sits vacant 4 months of the year. For those who are investors there, is this number accurate? What are your thoughts on this?

That seems extremely high. It's a college town so this year with covid things have been different with more students doing online classes but even taking this into consideration 30% is high. I'd venture to guess without digging in too deep that vacancy is still 10% or less. If you plan to buy student rentals the vacancy rate may be higher but long term non-student rentals still have a very strong occupancy rate in all of North MS. We have waiting lists for most of ours. 

Jimmy, I’m a realtor with an investors eye. I’d be happy to help you evaluate some options here in Oxford. It’s a safe, fun college town. Knowing the area and pricing it appropriately is key to filling your units.