Maintenance on Raised Houses

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Has anyone dealt with raised house before? Recently a couple have come across my searches and I was wondering if there are additional repairs involved since the bottom of the house is exposed? What other things should I know?

We are in the process of purchasing a raised house in Charleston, SC

Full disclosure: I'm no professional, just giving some insight as to what our inspector discussed with us.

It actually was beneficial in that the inspector could easily go under and inspect the structure, subfloor, plumbing, etc..

The concerns that our inspector listed were things such as damage/rot to sub-floor,  ensure the support post/columns are structurally sound, the raised front patio is concrete and brick, but they used temporary wooden bracing in the construction but left them in place afterwards which he said provides termites a way to get to the framing of the house. Any HVAC ducting should be insulation wrapped according to the climate, and ensure exposed floor insulation is secured in place(ie. No pieces hanging down to the ground) as to not let pests climb up.

Hope that helps.  



I have 2 here in Galveston. I’m afraid of heights, so it makes the roof work I likely wasn’t going to do myself a definite no, but otherwise I love them. No surprises in the subfloor when you buy. Easy to reinforce or replace the floor joists or girders without ripping up the floor. Makes it really easy to repair or run new plumbing or electrical. Also a great area to turn in to a shop while you are doing repairs if it is elevated enough