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My name is Chase Ezell. My wife and I are located in the Birmingham Metro area. After leaving my career in September 2017 as a paramedic, I have decided to follow my dream as a entrepreneur. I chose real estate because of the obvious demand and gives me an opportunity to use my hands and creative thinking in the renovation process. I purchased my first fix and flip in September 2017 and as of now, the property is just about ready for the market. Definitely a learning process! I am currently looking for 2 types of properties. The first type is a 3/2 or 2/2 single family home in a good neighborhood which needs updating and cosmetic work. The second type of property is a 2500 to 3500 sqft property that needs major rehab. Aside from several years of self education, I am new to real estate. I need a good network of fellow investors, agents, contractors and wholesalers.

@Chase Ezell welcome to BP! There are a lot of great groups around Bham to meet other investors too.

Where is your flip at? Got any before and afters?

Hey Chase. Rob is right, there are a number of groups here in Birmingham. Check out

http://www.alareia.com/. An investors club that meets once a month and always has a lot of great information and a lot of like minded people there that can be a great help.  

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