Help deciding on Flooring for multi family

8 Replies | Birmingham, Alabama

I am a multi family investor in Birmingham and would like to ask for some help determining the best type of flooring to use on the entire unit. From the front door to the back. I am a long term buy/hold guy so looking for the most durable flooring option I can find. Please let me know what material you have used with good results. These are typically C class buildings that need to handle some abuse. Thanks for you help!

I’m all about the vinyl flooring. It’s held up great and though you pay a little more up front than laminate you will save a lot of money in the long run.

All the best!

Jason, I like the floating floors for ease of installation but mostly for the durability. Over time the glue downs have peeled up on the corners of the planks in areas where people walk a lot. I haven’t paid much attention to brands because I just look for deals on darker colored planks. 4.2mm is the thickness I’ve got on clearance quite a few times. Sorry I’m not much help on that front.