Looking for C+ to B neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL

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Good evening, I am an investor doing research in the Birmingham Market.

Looking for C+ to B neighborhoods with fixer upper multi family properties ranging between 40 to 80k. What neighborhoods should I be looking into and what is the current market like in Birmingham, AL? Does this criteria exist in these types of neighborhoods? I'm looking to BRRRR a property. Thank you for your help!


We have a very low multi family inventory. I assume you're looking for 40-80k pre-rehab, correct? And at that price point probably duplexes or triplexes?

The neighborhoods that have multifamily here I don't think I would qualify as C+ to B (though everyone uses the A-D or A-F spectrum differently). A lot of people think Eastlake will continue to gentrify, but it's a gamble. Center Point is kind-of going downhill, or maybe just becoming saturated with investors. Tough to sell retail in there, almost everything is a rental. Both of those neighborhoods you might classify as C. 

Let me know if I can help further.