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Birmingham Investors,

I purchased 4 properties through a turnkey company a little over a year ago and inherited the management company that came along with it. They have consistently been terrible and I'd like to change management companies as they are failing on so many levels from what I expect from a good management company. Do you have any recommendations for a GREAT property management company in Birmingham? If so, tell me why they are GREAT and what their fee structure looks like. 

Thanks in advance. 

@Nefertari McClarity Thanks for the recommendation. How long have you owned the properties? Have you gone through tenant turnover with them? If so, how long did it take to get the property turned around and rented again? Any other reasons why you would recommend them? 

I would call Eddie Harris at Expert Reality. He has been in the business quite a while and knows the area for over 50 years. If he is not in ask for Tish.  She is very good. I have used them for several buys and sells. Good luck. Jp

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