Where can I find the 2019 Birmingham Tax Sale List?

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Does anyone know where the Jefferson County list of properties that are delinquent on taxes are published? There is a tax lien sale coming up in early June and I was more curious than anything. Thanks in advance! 

Thanks for the reply! I believe that website is the properties that did not sell at previous tax sales and can now be purchase over the counter although i could be wrong. 

The tax sale was today so I wrote down some parcel numbers that sold and I don't see them on the Jefferson County link on that website. I am guessing the list was published in the Birmingham News and it's just kind of a pain to track down (typical Birmingham :) ). 

Impressions from the tax sale: 

1). There were lots of people of there probably around 150. 

2). It was very competitive with hedge funds with essentially unlimited funds buying up the best properties. 

3). I am going to crosscheck some of the properties that sold during the time I was there (1 hour) and see where they were and what condition they were in and will report back. 

Just to close the loop on this - the Jefferson county tax sale list is published in the Birmingham news in the month leading up to the auction. You can pick up a hard copy from the courthouse for a modest fee.

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