Anyone investing in Pinson?

2 Replies | Birmingham, Alabama

Hey guys, I've got an interesting property that we can finally sell. It was part of a lawsuit with a former business partner and everything has been settled.

We live in Houston now so I'm not sure what the condition of the property is, but we were in the process of flipping it when our construction partnership exploded and it was never finished. 

It is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2204 sqft, 1.73 acre property right next to Emerald Lake. Wholesaler or Investors are welcome to contact me for more information!

@Andy Bohlig  I’m actually in Center Point right now, right next to Pinson, will be in Pinson tomorrow. 

I can do a drive by if you want, send you some pics....I’m pretty bored anyway.....up here helping the parents for while.