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Hi folks

I'm an investor up in Washington, DC (i own four properties in northern virginia) but I'm looking to branch out a bit...I spent a little bit of time in Montgomery last year, really liked it, and it appears to be super appealing from a cashflow perspective, especially for SFH's.

If anyone knows of any agents who can walk me through the market -- with knowledge of the neighborhoods and going rents, and ideally with property management experience or references -- I'd be very interested in talking to them. This is a serious inquiry...I'll be back in Montgomery in the next couple of months and looking to buy.

Thank you!


Hey Jonathan,

I saw your recent posts about seeking investment opportunities in the Virginia market.

In 2016, Richmond was ranked as one of America's hottest markets for investors.

I'm a licesned agent and I have a team that is well experienced.

If you're still interested in branching out, let me know!

- Timothy Hero

I am not a realtor, BUT  I am an appraiser in Troy which is a smaller University town.  If you are interested in talking, give me a call.  

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