Can someone give me just a little insight around the 65 and 85?

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Would someone from Montgomery be willing to give me a couple minutes of time and tell me a little about the area right near the  intersection of the 65 and 85? Specifically right near Mobile Highway an Airbase Blvd.

I'm looking at an apartment building there and need some input. 

Will 2/1's really go for over $550/month? Are the schools any good? Do I need a bullet proof vest to visit? Would you drink the water? Stuff like that...

Thanks in advance. 

Hello Jeb... I live and work in Montgomery. I'm on the road all the time. If you message me the address I can go by there for you and check it out.

I don't have school age children so I can't help with that, and I don't like the water(only drink bottled water). 

Let me know if I can help.

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