Potential First Investment-Montgomery,AL

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I am looking at a 2bed/2dath townhouse across from Faulkner University. I think it would be good student housing and the numbers seem to work out very well, but I want to be sure I’m not missing something. I can send my breakdown and the listing to anyone willing to take a look at it.

Hey Ethan.  I'd also be interested in looking over your beakdown of the deal as well.  I'm a little southeast of Montgomery and we are working on our first deal(s) also. Any learning opportunity like this sounds interesting and with it being in Bama, even more.  B

@Ethan Smith I just moved to Montgomery from Lexington, KY where I own 9 rental units. I would love to look at the deal as well and run numbers for you.

Hey guys i have an investor in the dothan, al area, that is wanting to sell 5 properties. Single family, they are all in the same neighborhood.  3 bed 1 bath 1150sq.  Great condition. No ac units1981 84 year built.  Ready for rental purposes.  Owner rented them for 20 years... he is asking 42k for each.

Hi Ethan, 

I own two in Montgomery and would be happy to look at your worksheet. Mine are SFR 3/2 and very different business model, but always interested in sharing information.

Sounds like there are several Montgomery investors on here, always happy to discuss opportunities and help in any way.