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Hi all :) I will soon be a resident of Baldwin County. Just sold a buy and hold home in Montevallo, south of Birmingham,  that I bought as a foreclosure and used as my primary residence for about 8 years. Making a good profit, closing in 2 weeks. I plan to use the profits to help fund a home or condo on or near the gulf or the canal in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores. My husband and I plan to travel every summer to cooler climates lol, in our RV, so we'd like something that we could rent out during the summer through a property management company, while we travel. Looking for a good deal of course. I found one already, unfortunately I will not close on my home in time to take advantage of it. It occurred to me that I knew investors in the are I could share this kind of information so that someone else might be able to benefit from it. In return, perhaps they'll someday have a deal that they can't act on, that they'll tell me about. There is power in networking! Let's get together!

Hi Alison, I should have read this post before I commented on your other one. So, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. There are still some really terrific short sale opportunities down there.  I know of some condo complexes just over the line, into Florida, that have Chinese drywall stigma, but not all the buildings have Chinese drywall.  You get the cheap prices without the expense.  I have a contact with some real opportunities in the Phoenixes, if you are interested in them.  I'll be happy to connect you up. The woman I am thinking of is really hooked into the community, incredibly hard working, and knows absolutely everything going on down there.  (I'm halfway between Jemison and Montevallo, just past Randolph and Six Mile)

Denise, welcome to Paradise. Plenty of activity to keep you involved and interested down here. Good luck.

Hello All,

I am a new investor in Mobile/Baldwin county area. Do any of you know a good multifamily broker, contractor, and property manager? I am also looking for investors as well.

@Alison Chappell

I own a condo a Sugar Beach. I am guessing you have found a property by now. Sorry I am a little late.

Best Regards,


Welcome, I too live in Baldwin County and invest in Mobile and Baldwin Co. There is a new investors club starting up in March at the Daphne civic center. Everyone should try it out. I will post details later.

If you ever wanna grab coffee, I would love to hook up. My favorite is at Mr. Gene Beans in Fairhope.

Talk soon!

Hey Kody and Dee Dee! I too am in Baldwin County and looking at getting started investing. I am at the very beginning of looking for properties/investments and deciding which direction I want to go.

Hey Charles,

BP is a great place to start and explore all the different investment avenues. I suggest listening to as many BP podcast as possible to get a wide variation of all the investing flavors. 

Are you wanting to invest your own money or try a more creative approach? 

What helped me is think about my end goal and then work backwards. I want to own over 1000 apartment units one day so working backwards from that I decided to start a company that focuses on bigger apartment syndicated deals. I won't reach my goal buying single family holds or flipping. 

Feel free to send me a colleague request and any questions. 

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@Dee Dee Huey

What will the meeting in Pensacola in Jan. be like? Will it have guest speakers?

@Alison Chappell Hi and welcome to BP.   This is a wonderful community we have here and you can learn a lot of here. There are forums, webinars, podcasts, and of course several people with outstanding background knowledge on Real Estate.

Good luck in your RE endeavors. 

I live in Fairhope and I'd be interested in getting together for coffee and brain storming!

@Jared Irby

Hello Jared,

Thank you for taking the initiative and getting this group started!

I plan on attending and I am hoping to bring few people with me.

Is there a type of investment focus for this meetup group or is it a more broad real estate investing focus?

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@Kody Broussard I am really not sure where it goes. I have some buy and holds (SFRs) but mainly do flips/rehabs. I also have a land deal or two. This first meeting I am going to show the inner workings of a few of my deals to help encourage others to share what they do and spread some knowledge. Look forward to having you.

@Jared Irby

Hello Jared,

Sounds great, looking forward to meeting new like minded people!

Best Regards,


Hi @Jared Irby ! I am Dwaynia from the Mobile area...are you and others investors still getting together?

That's great to hear...thank you @Jared Irby . Looking forward to meeting you as well!

Hi everyone, I'm brand new to BP and to real estate investing.  I anticipate a move to Mobile or Pcola this summer and trying to learn as much as I can before I start shopping properties.  Nice to meet you all, I'll try to get my profile updated soon.

Hello All.  Is this group still active?  I will be relocating to Mobile soon and want to begin investing in Duplexes and SF homes.

I am looking for financing and a real good Real Estate Agent.  Any suggestions?

@Erania Brackett I have a good company that I use here in Baldwin county for my flips. I would be glad to give my agents number so she can take care of you.

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