reccomendations for title company/attorney in mobile Alabama

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Hi Everyone!

I am looking for reccomendations of a title company and/or and title attorney who is familiar with assignments and double closings for Mobile Alabama.  I have a deal that I am wholesaling and Alabama is not my usual market, but it is a good deal and it will help a friend out as well.

Let me know, Thank you in advance!!

Andrew Simpson

Hello Andrew,

Why dont you use any title company? They are not limited to states IIRC

Hope this was helpful 


Hey Robert,

Thanks for the heads up.  I have done that and have found a good one.

Hi Andrew,

I live near Mobile and  I use William McFadden with  McFadden Rouse and Bender for all of my real estate  transactions when possible. John Crowley is another I would recommend.  If your first choice doesn't work out it least you will have some options. 


Thanks Marie,   I appreciate the contact.

Hey Andrew,

Give Snickfish a call. We do work for some of the nation's largest communities.

Andrew, we're using:

Charles James

Clark and Partington

He does both Pensacola and Mobile area.

Good Luck!

@Andrew Simpson  - if you're still looking, I've used Brock Title Co and a couple of occasions. Never disappointed. 

I use Crane Title for everything. They've got 2 places in Mobile and 1 in Daphne.

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