Single family rentals in 36605

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About to buy a single family house in the 36605 area in Mobile. It's a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom.  The prices are cheap over there, under $30k. There is one where the tenant is already living there. He is paying $550/month but it seems like the market rate rent is between $700-$750/month. Does that sound accurate? Neighborhood is off of Michigan, seems decent.


Area seems a bit rough. High crime rates and low rated schools. Do you know if the current tenant is on a month to month lease and if the current owner has a way to show a history of timely payments. The numbers look good, but I would expect a house at that price in that area to come with some housing and tenant issues. You may have lucked out and found a gem though. 


I have 2 properties in that zip code. Not that bad south of I-10 but can be pretty rough on the north side. There are two very large housing projects on Michigan that are issues. Good luck! Hope it works out. 

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