TX Mobile Homes - Tenant failed to get title in their name 2 yrs+

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Good morning from Texas,

I'm new to mobile home investing and will welcome all the suggestions anyone has. I have a tenant occupying a mobile home that I did a lease-purchase contract on. The tenant has fulfilled the obligations of the contract, except for getting the title transferred into their name. (Note: there was a title issue when I bought the mobile home, but I was able to clear it and get title, but it seems with all efforts that the tenant is not willing to follow the same process with resources provided). With this being said, I've been paying the taxes on the mobile home for the past 2 years to avoid any tax default. My question is, when am I able to take back possession legally of the home? The title is still in my name. Thank you for any input. 

Hopefully you complied with Texas law if the lease purchase agreement was for more than 180 days.  It is highly unlikely that you did as the requirements are so demanding that very very few people do meet all of the requirements.

Regardless, I would send a demand letter for them to cure by paying you for the taxes.  i would also ask/require them to record the deed.  You can't really force them to do so.  i would explain that not doing so could effect their ownership on down the line.  For instance, say you were in an auto accident and were sued.  That property could be subject to confiscation if a judgement was obtained.  I am assuming this is not on owned land ? 

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