LF good property manager in Huntsville (have a money pit house)

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I bought a rental in Huntsville in April that's been a disaster. I first had a big prop mgmt company and they were a total failure. Since then I've hired a decent prop mgr but he's very hard to reach. I've been trying to reach him for about a month through text phone call and email without reaching him. So unfortunately I need to move on and get another property manager to get the house profitable. It's only collected one month of rent since April and I've had thousands in needless repairs due to bad management not fixing or investigating issues that should have been dealt with quickly. This latest manager has been working on the "turn" for probably three months and still doesn't have the house ready to go despite quick funding by me for anything he's needed.

Does anyone have a good recommendation. Please only reply or pm me if you are sure you have a good property manager, I don't need any more failures.

Thank  you

I use Dietrich Rentals for some of my properties and I've been happy with their service so far.

Hey @Johnny Dee , so sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I'm using Rocket City PM in Huntsville and love them so far. Super responsive, friendly, great service. Good luck!

Thanks Annie & John. Have you had any experience with their service providers? Are the prices reasonable?

I would also like to know who you have been using so I can avoid the same mistake.

I don't want to slam anyone so would prefer not to mention the company. I think they are good people, perhaps just overloaded with too many houses for their staff of 2 people. It's been 2 months since I've been able to reach the agent by phone, text, or email (I've sent plenty of phone calls texts and emails but no response) and about 2.5 months since it's been vacant and I'm just now getting a painting quote.

My first property manager back in the spring was a big national company. My feeling after that experience is that having a big company do the management is never a good thing. Their call center in Chicago(?) never knew anything about the house and couldn't keep anything straight. The guy they hired to lease it in Huntsville put in a predatory tenant who paid 1 month rent (first month) while living there, brought in 3 rowdy dogs without permission and the house looked like a bomb hit it when they left.

I'm going with Rocket City PM and crossing my fingers. Thank you for the recommendation. :) 

Good luck, @Johnny Dee ! Rocket City will get you back in tip top shape in no time. :)

Good luck @Johnny Dee , I've heard good things about Rocket City but I personally haven't had any business with them. 

If they don't work out, give Dietrich Rentals a try.  They have a staff of four and Carolyn & Shy are real bulldogs when it come to taking care of problems.  They manage 8 of my properties & I've been happy so far.

Thank you all for the posts-  I may be needing a new PM here as well.

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I just bought in the Sandhurst Park area south of Huntsville-  when I purchased, I was led to believe that it would be a good rental for contractors working at the base or a military family, but I ended up getting a Section 8 tenant- .  Is this area known for Section 8 tenants?  I'm just wondering whether or not to hang on to this property or cut my losses. 

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@Account Closed yes mine was turnkey-  although I have never liked that term.  I know that nothing is turnkey.

So far Rocket City PM has been good in most respects. 

The only place where they seem a little weak is in repair costs. They have an in-house repair team. I think this can be good as it means there is some accountability for work done and hopefully good communication between PM & repair person. However my sense of it is that their price for work done is on the high side. They estimated $3000 for make ready repairs on the house. I decided instead to have it done by outside workers and got all of the work save one $395 item for $1295 so I'm lined up to save about $1300 compared to their $3000 estimate. That's significant. 

To be fair I think I got a good deal on the painting and a few items done free by a handyman with a big heart, but even if that price had been a little higher I think I'd still have saved money compared to Rocket City PM.

I don't plan to fire them because they seem to be diligent and savvy in the market. However I'll take a careful look at any future repair estimates they give me before proceeding with them, and if the high repair costs continue I may have to move on from them.

I am using Rocket City Prop Mgmt and have been very satisfied. 

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