Huntsville - Oakwood Univeristy areas NW

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Hey guys,

I've gotten a proposed good deal on a fourplex / quad in the NW areas near Oakwood University off along Sparkman Dr NW, I believe it's on Cotton Row NW..  Now, I've taken a quick business trip there for 1 day recently and I'm aware that the northern part of the city is not really "culturally mixed" if that's ok to say..  But I don't know all the areas inside and out and didn't pass by that area.. only went up the 431 going north. 

Now, I would typically use "google maps" to give me an "Idea" of what it looks like, but google maps doesn't display that specific street.. so I was wondering what type of Class of properties would those areas be? C class? Or is it worse and It's something not even worth turning on the street? Crime statistics don't show it to be bad, but I only take that with a grain of salt. 
I did call some Property managers who seem to be just fine with going there.. but again, I'm wanting to know how bad is it really? I see tons of new development right now, top golf, the climbing gym that's suppose to go as well.. research center not to far..

Anyway, any help would be great! If someone has been in those areas recently, knows the areas, invest there, etc. 

Thanks in advance guys!

Without knowing the specific location, I'd say C class is a reasonable classification.  However, it would definitely not be close to a B class location in Huntsville, if that helps.  It is not a location in the city that we have invested in.  

Hi Lucien,

I personally don't invest in that area of Huntsville, but it has been in the news several times. The area that you are referring to is located near Bonnelle Drive and Twickingham village. To my knowledge, the apartments at Bonnelle drive have recently been purchased as part of a package deal for several million dollars  as well as Twickingham village( I think, but don't hold me to it).,  Even though these apartments are located near  ( UAH, University of Alabama Huntsville), they have a history of crime and violence recently. If I were you, I would visit the apartments during the daytime and during the night time to get a realistic view of how they are ( be your own boots on the ground). I think that area is drawing a lot of attention due to the future location of a face book corporate facility and the Toyota plant.