Alaska real estate customs info.

2 Replies | Anchorage, Alaska

Hi all, I'm looking at doing a FSBO in Eagle River. My question is about escrow, in AK what is the custom for who picks the escrow company? Seller or buyer?

What about appraisal? Is it typical for seller to pay still? Thank you!

The information I would give you depends on if you are the Buyer or Seller. :-) As I've only acted on the buy-side, I've been able to say which escrow company is used. Typically, the Seller pays for the appraisal but everything is negotiable.

Gotcha! I am the seller. I was just checking what's customary in AK, since I live and deal primarily in Colorado. Every market is different. It's really strange that the seller pays for an appraisal for the buyers loan, but this is real estate.....and yeah. Learn something new everyday it seems.