CA resident looking to invest in Phoenix

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Since California is sky high to buy I'm looking to buy out of state. Wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right areas to look at, what areas to avoid, discuss a partnership or any information worth sharing.


@Michael Swope

Welcome to B/P. You are at the right forum, here you will learn and network with like minded investors. I am a land guy so houses are not my bag. I do believe in a mentor that is how I started in the land business. Good luck here, hope to see you here more often.

Hi Michael- I am an investor and agent in here in Phoenix.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the markets with you and see how we may work together.  Feel free to email or contact me to discuss- thanks.


Hey @Michael Swope , let me know if you have any interest in lending capital on AZ residential projects. Our group has enjoyed partnering with a number of California investors who help fund Phoenix remodel and new build projects. Thanks!

@Michael Swope  We are concentrating on Fort Wayne IN right now.  My contact information is in my profile, feel free to reach out if you want ti discuss how we got started.

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Hey Michael. I'm in LA and I started buying out-of-state five years ago for the same reasons. As far as where and all that, a lot of it depends on your own interests and goals. Of course you want somewhere that will cash flow, but once you identify those areas, different markets will offer different upsides. 

Here's a start to market deciphering. Not all-inclusive, but at least a start...

Hope that helps!

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