1% rule in Phoenix Arizona

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Hey all! I have been searching for a while and it has been tough to find anything that meets the 1% rule in the current Phoenix market.  I did however purchase a condo 7 months ago that is at about .8% and has been doing well so far.  I am actually planning to buy another one in the same complex with a similar return.  

All that aside, is anyone still able to hit the 1% rule or higher when purchasing in the phoenix area?



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@Kevin B can you point me in the direction of the main Arizona forums? I'm new and can't seem to find them. Thx!

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"is anyone still able to hit the 1% rule or higher when purchasing in the phoenix area?"

We were saying the same thing two years ago.

We've switched focus to Tampa / Fort Lauderdale where the 1% rule is more realistic.

Florida and Nevada are the only two states (in appreciating markets) where average home prices are still below 2007 highs - they will probably surpass that this year.

We plan on coming back to the Phoenix market when rent to purchase ratios are better.

I have also had a lot of trouble finding anything close to the 1% rule. I currently have one that I picked up 6 months ago but it's because I got a steal on the house. Purchased for $90,000, Put $20,000 into rehab ($110,000 invested but recently appraised for $165,000). Rented it out for $1,100/ Month on a 12 month lease. I want to purchase more rentals but the high sales prices & low rents has me focusing on fix/flips right now. 

I agree with @Eric Delcol and @Clayton Coombs . Tampa is still running in an appreciable market. I have Investors from all over the country contacting me for properties which I’m happy to report, I have have been able to help.  It is still lower than the highest in 2007 and still has lots of opportunities. 

The 1% rule (or 2% rule, which is also floating around BP) was created for mobile home parks and storage facilities.   FYI.

It doesn't usually translate to SFR or MF.

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