Intership and Apprenticeship

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Good Day, I'm transitioning out of the military and I have been intrigued with the REI. I have an opportunity to take advantage of a program that will allow me to participate in an intership or apprenticeship in a career path I would like to pursue after I leave the military. I'm reaching out to find out if there's anyone that would be willing to offer an apprenticeship or internship. I am hardworking I would love to offer my services to someone that's willing to show me the ropes. Please let me know and I can start as soon as 30 June if not earlier.

I would like to add, this is not something that will cost anyone anything other then time invested in a newbie who wants to learn about REI. I'm not expecting to get paid from this, i have an opportunity before I retire from the military to get some training under my belt and I would like to take advantage of it. Please let me know if anyone is interested. I will be the boots on the ground for anyone who wants to invest in me. Thanks...

First and foremost, thank you for bravely serving our nation so we can safely do what we’re free to do!

REI meetings is an excellent way of getting connected locally. There are a few in the valley such as AZREIA which requires paid membership. As a Gilbert native, I enjoyed visiting the Gilbert REI held last month by @Shiloh Lundahl (free) and best of all, they offered treats.

Would they allow you to take the time to get your realtors license? There's a two week cram course you could take and then start working as a realtor.  Total start up costs for that would be around $2000 including all fees and everything. many  brokerages offer training after you get your license.  

Not sure if that is what you're interested in though.