"Indoor/Outdoor Living", its effect on appreciation in market?

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Currently, I have a full time job in the fenestration business, and I was legitimately curious if the whole concept of "indoor/outdoor living" had a major effect on home values in the Phoenix market. The weather here in Phoenix is usually very consistent and enjoyable, which makes me think that this may be a great market for it.

For those that may not know, the fenestration business is simply know as the window/door market. "Indoor/outdoor living" is the concept of putting in a huge sliding glass door (the size of a whole wall), for instance, that would, when open, combine a background and living room into one free flowing state.

Market research indicates that renovations, and subsequently, "indoor/outdoor living", are very popular right now.

For a personal perspective, would it be worth it to put these types of products in a Class B home, in a Class A or Class B neighborhood? Only downside ... most of these types of products are incredibly expensive (I would obviously account for the cost when calculating cash flow)

This would be a visual example of what I am talking about...

This is from a fenestration company located here in Phoenix.