Help!!! With Obtaining A Deed Step Mother passed With No Will!

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Hey guys Sorry this is a really weird one for these forums I know, but this was the only way I think I can get real information. So I', in Tucson Arizona...

Question 1.

First of all I never ever owned a Property, I don't even know who to talk to or where to go or anything and nobody gives me actual step by step information no matter what I ask.All I know how to do really is Pay Taxes. I wouldn't even know what to do is I bought a house! Anyways I am 24 Years old and my step mother Passed away April of 2017 she owns 1 Acre of Property (that I'm still currently living on) so since she passed I've been paying the Taxes on it to keep them from going Delinquent... She does have 2 Brothers who I cannot get a hold of no matter what I try and they do not Live here in Tucson, They obviously don't seem to care for the property or want it. The property is in fact Paid off completely and IS still in her name and as I said I do live on the property and pay the Taxes on it!

She always told me that she wanted me to own this property but she passed away unexpectedly before she could make me a Will I know that is not any good proof. I'm not sure if this would help but I am the owner of her officialDeath Certificate and in the (Informants Name) box my name is on it, I was the one who paid for her cremation and did all the legal papers after she died and I was the one who she left her Life Insurance Policy to as well as I am her 401K Beneficiary... I say this because that would give me a head start in any kind of "proof that I should own" the property I would assume?

Question 2.

Multiple people tell me that if I just simply keep paying the Taxes for 5 years (now 3 1/5 Years) with written checks and or a Debt card In my name that I will be offered the Deed to the property by Pima County and they will have the Trust/Title Company Office sign it over to me... Is this True that all I need to do is just keep paying on the Taxes?

Any Help would be Highly Appreciated

Just paying the taxes gives you no legal leg up on owning the property.....that is misinformation.....maybe they are referring to Adberse Possession which wouldn’t apply in this situation typically......state laws are specific.

You are going to have to talk to a probate attorney in Your state.  Typically, I believe if she didn’t actually adopt you that that the property, as per state inheritance laws, would go to her siblings, if she has no other children, and no spouse.  Her siblings could sign it over to you but of course that would require their cooperation.

Can you not find the brothers or is it that they just won’t respond.