Tucson developers help

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Hi y’all, 

I have a lead on a property in Tucson. I’ll be touring the property this weekend. It is a dual lot(.5ac) with a duplex on it. Each side is allegedly zoned for r-2. 

The owner is a military vet with a VA loan, and the balance appears to be to close to the arv for me to help him out.

However, there are people here who have the experience with creative solutions to take down a unique property like this. 

If you have any insight, input, strategies, or interest in partnering on the deal let me know. If you have other questions I’ll do my best to answer them with what I know so far. 



If the owner is willing to leave the existing financing in place and sell the property on an agreement for sale, this would be the ideal way to work with a VA loan in my opinion. This is referred to as a mirror wrap, where we create a new loan that mirrors the original VA loan. Great technique for low equity VA properties.

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