Real Estate Investing in the Metaverse

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I read an article in the WSJ, that blew my mind, detailing how companies and individuals are buying digital real estate in virtual worlds. At such an early stage this is highly speculative, especially since most payments are made via cryptocurrencies (volatile), however this segment will undoubtedly mature. Check it out:

I look forward to learning about what sustainable business models develop around this space. Please share your experiences and thoughts on this space.

I'm only 27... yet I feel the urge to say "back in my day" we didn't have make believe fairytale lands selling fairytale land (pun intended) for real money. 
I'd say it's the same as any online gaming trend.  It will spike, reach a peak then plateau. mild profit throughout the plateau though for those who are dedicated but better profits and more sustainable profits are still in the real world. 

I remember when I thought it was crazy to call somebody on the phone with a camera, I thought it was futuristic and that my eyes may not see it happening, and now if you ask a kid if he thinks that is always amazing they would tell you that it is completely normal. 
The generations that played videogames day and night are now grown ups, I see multimillionaires spending a lot of money on "Collectible Pokémon cards", and they are the same ones buying lands in the metaverse. Adidas, Gucci, SnoopDogg are already in there, I think this is really happening but it won't attract all the generations to it, however it is attracting millennials and Gen Z.
I think at this point there is very little information out there, the ones that are better informed are the ones making the big bucks, by the time that everybody realizes that this is multimillion "new" business, it will be too expensive to get it, just like many other trends.

My very humble opinion.

I'm just saying to buy if you understand it, just to give you an idea, people buy lands to make business in the meta verse, at least at sandbox right now and it's still on the alpha phase, meaning that a few people that paid about 7k can play. Around December 20th they will open it to anyone.

I have seen people buying lands and then hire a programmer to create a game that they can offer on their land, with that they can charge for those games and earn crypto, they are hiring freelancers online such as in Fiverr.

There is a lot of research to do before buying digital real estate, invest there only if you understand what can me done there.
I hope it helps!