What is your favorite novel way of generating leads?

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Hey All,

I was talking to a gal I partner with on occasion about lead generation. I told her I had just gotten my exterminator to bird dog for me, which she thought was great and somewhat novel. Not sure about either of those things, but I figured my exterminator (and all other trades people, for that matter) drives all over my target areas every day and gets into a ton of houses. Plus he is always marketing for new clients. So I had asked him to take pics of any and all distressed houses he sees and get me pics and address. I also told him that when he is on a job if he gets any sense that the owner may want/need to sell that he should get me their contact info.

When I told my guy I'd pay him for any lead that turned into a deal his eyes lit up and he said something like, "Man, you would not believe how many times I am in a house and the owner is complaining about how much they want to sell and not deal with the place anymore. They want to downsize, or the place needs a bunch of work, whatever. I can find you 3 leads like this every week!" Time will tell. But for now, what is one of your favorite, and maybe novel ways of lead generation?

Happy hunting!



Have not done it myself yet but I've heard mailman and garbage man are good bird dogs too.

I talked to the mail man in one of my target neighbourhoods last summer and he gave me two leads right away and tracked me down with another lead five minutes later as I was walking the neighbourhood. He knew the area extremely well and had some insights on different properties from seeing the mail daily.

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