Green Technologies?

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Here's a general question, 

How much does Innovation and Automation go into Rehabbing and or Fix/Flip?

Is this something that we as investors should be looking into? or is it all about keeping the cost as low as possible to maximize the overall profit.

I think slowly but surely this will have to be address especially when renovating older homes.


Hey, man!

I'm totally new here, so nothing to add from a professional standpoint, but from a personal one, I think this is an important topic to discuss. In my future real estate plans, I want to make my flips as environmentally friendly as possible, and that includes smart technologies (likes Nest thermostats and smoke alarms). I'm looking to focus on my fellow Millennials, and I believe these things would be VERY marketable assets. We care about the environment, we're totally connected to technology, etc. But I'd love to hear what other, more experienced people have to say.
Thanks for posting about it!

Hey Paul,

I don't have the insight from a experienced RE Investor since I'm in the same boat as our friend @Brady Jones. However I wanted to ask you of what you meant by automation. Do you mean a process that 'automates' the rehab portion of a Fix&Flip or automation technologies where you control your coffee pot from the other side of the world?

@Ben Gerald  

Wow, sorry for the delay response. I'm not sure how to get updates when someone has posted a reply.

but the answer to your question is the latter one. I think Automation Technologies and Sustainable Construction are going to be the future.

regarding automation, I like having the ability to view and control things remotely. As far as Sustainable Construction (Which is a whole other topic I'm sure) I think that making the house more energy efficient will go a long way.


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