How do you track down property owners?

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I just want to hear how different people go about getting in touch with the owner of a property they're targeted for purchase.

Unfortunately, in today's age it is no longer as easy as picking up a phone book.

Does anyone have any successful ways of getting in touch with these owners.

Hire a good skip tracer to help you.

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Joe Gore

@Joshua Marriott  

Joshua Marriott

In Texas, get the owner's name and mailing address from the County Tax Office or Central Appraisal District. This information is available on the Internet for most Texas counties. Once you have this information you can go to the address and personally speak with the owner or mail the owner a letter. You can also speak with neighbors to get information about the owner's whereabouts.

If you want to telephone the owner, you can use a reverse phone number look up website. You enter the address and get the telephone number for that address. There are several reverse phone number look up websites on the Internet.

If the owner has moved or disappeared, send a letter to the owner using the old address. Use the U. S. Postal Service's "Address Correction Requeted" procedure. Look it up on the Internet. Of course, you can also speak with neighbors.

If all else fails, use a skip tracer.  Skip tracers have access to data bases such as DMV records, criminal records, credit bureau records, etc.

you can go on your city's website and type in the property address and it will usually bring up the owners name and address if they are absentee owners  you may want to check with the local post office and have them forward your letter etc to them because everyone who moves fills out a change of address card. is good and cheap. and also work. 

Great advice so far guys!  Keep it coming!  I should have mentioned I already know how to find their address using the CAD.  Getting phone numbers is the trickiest part for me. has a Pro version now that I just tried and it worked for that particular one. 

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