Putting a Closet in a Room

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My dad and I are wondering how long its going to take if put a closet in a room to make it a room.Also, we are wondering what materials, the cost, and inspections.

Well, you shouldnt need an inspection. With the sheetrock, closet door and 2x4's,  I would guess it will cost you a few hundred bucks ballpark. 

Does this room have a window? If not a closet wont make it a legal room.

If the intention is to make it a bedroom it has to have the closet, must meet the minimum size for a bedroom in your area and an egress size window.  For an inexperienced person the actual framing is not so long it is the drywall and finish on the outside and trim.  You need framing and sheetrock as well as the door frame and trim. For a sliding or bifold  closet door you would likely frame yourself and need wood trim and molding to go around the door opening.  For a pull out door with a knob you can probably buy it preframed and it would be easier.  Time really depends on your finishes etc.  For small rooms go to a pocket or sliding door. If you have a larger room a regular door might be quicker.  You can also do a bifold door but you should pay attention to where doors open into in any case so you aren't running into obstructing something else with a door.  The worst is when you have say a room door colliding with the closet door or a closet not usable because the door can't open without banging into furniture. 

You will most likely need an inspection from your towns building department.  I would reccommend at least going down there with an 8 x 11 drawing of what you want to put in and he might just give you the green light and tell you that you dont need one.  but spending 25 bucks on a permit is tiny compared to the fines they charge you if you are caught.

You will need some sort of stud, either wood or steel (check with local codes), 1/2 inch dry wall, sheetrock tape, bucket of mud, 1 inch,  and some bi fold doors.  the only real thing to pay attention to is what is the throat size of the frame for the door.  Make sure you buy one that is the same width as your wall that your building.  Everything else you should be able to youtube.  

hope this helps

Thank you all for the responses so far.  The room does have a window, and we used as a bedroom before we moved.  We bought a new house and our old place is our first rental property. 

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