Using Police/ Fire/ EMS to your advantage.

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For years the insurance industry have used firefighters to "bird-dog" properties that are damaged by fire. Fire restoration = big money. That's not where it ends though; The benefits of having connections with fire/ems/police is that you have first hand insight into the property condition or the owners situations. A service worker who's proficient in building construction and the living situation can be an asset. Just another tool for your tookboxes. 

@Anil Samuel my "farm area" is from DC to Frederick all the way out to OC. I'm a firefighter in DC but haven't invested there as of yet. I had a map built with all of the tax liens in bmore - looking for partners up there who know the market very well and are interested in simple buy and sell. 

btw - I am sending a letter out today to a house who's owners were arrested and facing both jail time and some serious legal fees. Got the tip from a cop I've known for twenty years. 

are you looking to rehab and sell?

each house is different; rehab and sell or rehab and keep depending on finances and cashflow. I've yet to wholesale a deal like this - of course i'd love to if I coudln't see the property though. I do know a Baltimore city firefighter who does this with houses with fire damage. 

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