How to get a lot cleared for free

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I had a wholesale deal I partnered with the rehabber on. The owners broke their word and part of the contract and left behind three crappy old metal sheds and lots of debris. This upset all of us, we could take a legal route but that was not the path to least resistance. 

They had also left behind a dirty, but very nice stainless steel fridge and several older appliances. So... I offered up those are the reward for anyone willing to clear out and take with them the three sheds and their belongings. My phone has never rang so much in an hour, I had to remove the ad and ignore calls for a while. 

It took about 30 mins total with posting the add and taking a couple calls to get it handled but the entire project was done, saved us a ton in labor and dumpster costs and although  I woulda liked the fridge it was nasty on the inside and I hate cleaning fridges. 

Thats the same thing I do, those scrap metal guys around here have saved me tons.

Yup. It's amazing the free labor you can get if it involves scrap metal/appliances as incentives. I'm in NYC and if I have something to get rid of, I put a posting in the free section on craigslist and leave it on the curb. It's generally gone within 30 minutes.

well done sir.

You could probably have kept the fridge & scrap metal guys would still be blowing you up for those sheds.

that's awesome.

@James Wise  --  most likely true...  at my personal residence, we have a monthly bulky waste day that comes with our garbage service fee.  The scrappers are insane -- items rarely last more than 30 minutes on the curb and then they magically disappear.  

@Tim Gordon    We can attest to the scrap metal guys being crazy here too.....two weeks ago, we had replaced an old window in our carriage house apartment and we left it at the curb on regular garbage night.  The next morning, the window was still there, just MINUS ALL THE METAL AROUND THE EDGES.  We thought we'd seen it all....seemed like a lot of work for just a tiny bit of metal but hey, what do we know!

@Julie Greene  

I have had scrappers dismantle something (toy) in my trash before and leave behind what they don't want.  I thought it was pretty scummy since they left my previously neat trash a mess. 

Now I save my scrap for a guy I know, and he is happy to unassemble and discard what he doesn't want at his place.

For those that experience cold winters, you can try the same thing with trees that fall on your property. 

I got rid of three water heaters that way - just put them by the shed where they could be seen from the street. Took about three days for each one to miraculously disappear.

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